"Graceful Eyes was a project born out of the desire to provide the Sunshine Coast with a unique service."

Eyebrow Threading

Threading is the traditional Indian art of hair removal and is effective for both fine and coarse hair.

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Heena Art

The art of Henna is over five thousand years old and it traditionally used as a symbol of good luck, good fortune

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Eyelash Extensions

Long and luscious eyelashes can make you feel beautiful and confident even when you have no make up on.

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Eye Tinting

Don’t have time for mascara or do you hate it when it runs or smudges? Do you want your eyes to look bright and

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Graceful Eyes was a project born out of the desire to provide the Sunshine Coast with a unique service. We are committed to providing a unique and positive beauty experience. Eyebrow threading is a technique of hair removal that uses twisted cotton thread to pluck each hair from the follicle. Threading has been used in India and throughout Asia for hundreds of years and is perfect for achieving flawless results without skin damage caused by chemicals, creams or hot wax. Graceful Eyes beauticians are skilled in the art of threading as well as tinting and eyelash extensions. These services combined ensure that you will leave our salon feeling renewed and beautiful. We also specialise in Indian Henna Art, perfect for a special occasion or just when you want to feel special. Indian Head Massage- Our head massage is the perfect way to unwind. Let us help you let go of the tension that modern life can cause us to hold in our shoulder, neck and the tiny muscles of the head. Packages- We want you to leave a visit with Graceful Eyes feeling renewed, beautiful and confident. A person’s eyes are often the first feature that we notice. Our packages can transform your look at a price that suits you. Deluxe Graceful Eyes- this package includes eyebrow shaping, eyelash tinting and brow tint. You will walk away feeling renewed and beautiful. Graceful Brow- includes eyebrow shaping and tinted. Graceful Lash- includes eyebrow shaping and eyelash tint.